scanning documents

A4ScanDoc  - scanning software
current version 2.0
build: 2.5
supported languages:



- English
- Deutsch
- Spanish
- Russian
- Ukrainian
- Arabic
- Chinese

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A4ScanDoc - scanning software.

A4ScanDoc is a scanning software It is easy to use and yet powerful tool for scanning.

A4ScanDoc Features:

  • Supports image formats
    - scan to TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG

  • Scan settings.
    - user-friendly interface for scan settings

  • Scan profiles.
    - just set up once an option scan documents and save the profile. The next time it will be enough just to open it.

  • Stream scanning.
    - support the ADF and duplex scanning. Automatic Deskew function

  • Scan to PDF
    - support scan to PDF.



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