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RiDoc scans documents

RiDoc scans documents.

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We have a task to scan a paper document.
To do this we need a scanner and a program that runs a scan and saves scanned documents.
Find a program for scanning can be Internet. You can use the software from the manufacturer of the scanner.
For a single scan it is quite enough.

RiDoc is a fast and easy method scan a document.

What advantage has RiDoc?

The answer is simple - the RiDoc has all the features to scan a document!

Main options of RiDoc:

  • Getting the electronic version of the document from a scanner.
  • Saving the document in different graphic format (bmp,jpeg,tiff,png).
  • Creating a gallery of scanned documents and images.
  • Scanning document into Word.
  • Scanning document into PDF.
  • Scan a document to printer or email.
  • Virtual printer RiDoc (PDF, tiff, bmp, png format).

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